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Marketing in your car

Marketing in your car podcast

Ok, I confess, I’m not keeping the CWDmedia site as updated as I should.  Kinda embarrassing given my day job’s website is kept constantly up to date without too much trouble!  Encouragingly though, the neglect of the CWDmedia site is principally down to being busy tackling a string of really cool commissions for a mix…
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Merry Christmas from CWDmedia!

Yuletide update

  I thought I’d bring you up to speed, what with it being a couple of months since my last update.  Things have been a little quieter in CWDmedia Towers of late, but there’s a very good reason for this – I’ve been busying myself with the final preparations for my wedding, followed by the…
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Emma Scott Presents... / Pluggin' Baby | CWDmedia

CASE STUDY: Emma Scott Presents… / Pluggin’ Baby

Emma Scott is a radio presenter turned live music promoter and manager turned author and radio plugger.  Well known for her popular shows on both Kerrang! and latterly Heart FM, her time as a live music promoter saw her work alongside major selling artists (such as The Automatic, Skunk Anansie, Therapy?, Ben Folds Five and…
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Martyr de Mona | CWDmedia

CASE STUDY: Eagle Two Records

Eagle Two Records is an independent record label that was set up to cater for the management and PR of UK-based rock band Martyr de Mona. It is an all-inclusive record label and management company that manages every aspect of an artists’ requirements from booking studios & concerts to handling all releases of music & video and…
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Steve Braund and Farmer Phil

What a weekend at Farmer Phil’s Festival!

Well that was some weekend!  As the dust starts to settle in the sleepy folds of the Shropshire countryside, a couple of thousand live music enthusiasts (myself included) are reflecting on a terrific weekend at Farmer Phil’s Festival.  I can honestly say that’s the first time I’ve ever seen a field full of people jumping…
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8 things you need to know when starting in business

8 things you need to know about starting your own business

A lot of us fantasise about sticking it to the man, knocking the day job on the head and starting our own business. The idea of being your own boss is seductive and most of us will have thought about it at one time or another, indeed for some of us it’ll be something we…
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Top 10 Reasons your Business NEEDS a Website

Before I start, yes – I know this is 2015 and not 1995… the benefits of having a website for your business should be apparent to most people.  Amazingly, I find some companies I talk to still think a website isn’t necessary for their business and that they’ve “managed alright without one so far”.To them, I…
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Summertime madness at CWDmedia!

Who doesn’t love the summer?  Sunshine, barbecues, holidays… it’s definitely the feelgood season of the year!  Here at CWDmedia, I’m no different – I love the summertime.  But as much as I enjoy catching rays and showing off my pasty white legs in a pair of shorts, what I enjoy more than any of that…
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Farmer Phil's Music Festival

Farmer Phil’s Music Festival chooses CWDmedia for website revamp

I’m delighted to announce that CWDmedia has been engaged to redesign the website of a popular music festival in Shropshire. Farmer Phil’s Music Festival, held in Ratlinghope near Shrewsbury, is now in its 17th year and each year plays host to an eclectic mix of acts from jazz and folk to rock and everything in…
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Spent too much in the January sales?

January offer – 25% discount!

Happy New Year everybody! I’m running a promotion this month.  If you require design services, but are finding that cashflow is tight this soon after Christmas, then this might be for you. For the duration of January 2015, I will be offering a 25% on all new graphic design commissions. Sound good?  Get in touch!