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Merry Christmas one and all!

Now the festive season is well underway I wanted to wish you all a very Merry Christmas, not to mention a prosperous and happy New Year. I’ve made a habit over the past few years of sending CWDmedia-branded Christmas cards to each of my clients. This year, however, I’ve elected to make a donation to…
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Printing Glossary

All the jargon used in the printing world can be confusing. So here’s a breakdown of the most common terms you’ll need an appreciation of whether you’re a designer just starting out or a marketeer providing your agency with a job spec. ‘A Series’ Paper The standard system for paper sizes (A5, A4, A3 etc), using these…
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CWDmedia, Skunk Anansie, bleed area

Designing for Print: What is the Bleed Area and why is it Important?

Throughout the whole designing process you have to always think one step ahead. This helps you to minimise the risk of errors in your work. So a crucial factor to always keep in mind, when putting your business card or brochure design together, should be to include an additional bleed area around your work. What…
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Photography: Positioning and the Rule of Thirds

When taking photographs we are all aware that there are tricks for getting great shots. Pointing and shooting works for some people but the majority of us are looking for something better than that. That’s where the rules of positioning comes in. But although we call them ‘rules’, they’re not strict, they are guidelines to…
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Quick update

Apologies for the lack of updates recently – things are very busy here on the commission front, and to compound things I’m in the midst of preparing for a house move towards the end of July. Among the jobs I’ve been working on are: Logo, literature and social media branding for TrixiPix Photobooth Hire Logo,…
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Photoshop Actions CWDmedia

How to Create Actions to Save Time in Photoshop

Photoshop can seem confusing at first glance but once you have got around the basics, it becomes an invaluable tool for photographers and designers alike. There are many helpful features but the most efficient has to be using Photoshop Actions. You soon learn, as you begin to regularly work on this program, that there will…
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Planning a Brochure – What To Consider

Despite us living in an increasingly digital age, sometimes there’s no substitute for having a well-designed, professionally printed brochure to read at your leisure.  Your brochure reflects your business, so you’re gonna want it to look professional, right?  Well if you don’t plan it out correctly, your company brochure could just end up in the…
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Martyr De Mona live in Wolverhampton | CWDmedia

Martyr De Mona release ‘Impera’ and tour UK

CWDmedia clients Martyr De Mona’s long awaited album ‘Impera’ was released earlier this month on In At The Eye Records to widespread acclaim. After I’d helped them with the odd flyer design here and there, the band approached me prior to going into the studio with a view to putting together the album artwork and…
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Golden Rules of Graphic Design

The Golden Rules of Graphic Design

We spoke previously about rules for non-graphic designers and how you can make your designer’s job easier, well today’s focus is all about the golden rules for graphic designers themselves. Times change, skills adapt but some rules should always stay the same, here are a few of our favourites: Get to Really Know Your Client…
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What is Content Marketing and Why Should I Care?

“Content marketing is the strategic marketing approach of creating and distributing valuable, relevant and consistent content to attract and acquire a clearly defined audience – with the objective of driving profitable customer action.” Content Marketing Institute New terms are thrown around in marketing circles all the time, but the one on the tip of everyone’s tongue…
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