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Finding Your Voice – Why Copywriting is Crucial to Business Success

Finding Your Voice – Why Copywriting is Crucial to Business Success

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The idea of hiring a copywriter can seem a little weird. Because why would you hire someone else to write about your business? After all it’s you who knows it better than anyone else! But great copywriting can really add something extra to your marketing material.

Your voice

You want to get across the true message of what your business offers but you cannot do that without a voice.
You want to come across as:

  • Professional
  • Approachable
  • Different from all the rest

The tone in your copy gives your business added depth. Your clients want to feel connected to you in some way and so you need to have a consistent voice for them to identify with.


When it comes to creating promotional material it is good to think outside of the box. That’s where a second viewpoint can become really valuable.

Because when you’re working for a company you’re passionate about, it can be hard to think of reasons why a client wouldn’t want to pick you for the job. Forget about statistics and how everyone else is working for a moment and focus purely on the client’s point of view.

New Ideas

It’s also imperative to look beyond the main service areas of your business, because even though they are your main selling points, it’s good to think about the other lesser-known features/values/procedures of your business that really set you apart from the rest.

The So What Test (popular with Metallica & Anti-Nowhere League fans, allegedly…)

The most useful tool you can use when putting marketing material together is the famous ‘So What?’ test.

The bike you’re selling has 21 gears instead of 18. So what? There’s no point listing all of those impressive facets, or the services you offer, without explaining why they are so unique. So don’t be afraid to go into detail. It’s not too wordy, it’s helpful to your customers.  Sell the benefits, not the product or service. Your customers’ biggest question is ‘how is it going to help me?’.


You will already understand the importance of Search Engine Optimisation to your business. Well, getting this kind of written formula correct in your copy, can increase your site’s traffic and therefore sales tenfold.

Why copywriting is crucial to business success…

If you want to see significant growth in your business then you need to truly connect with your client.

Be personable, care about your audience, find out what they want and explain how you can give it to them. Then you will see your business happily grow.

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