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Make Up Artists – Are they Worth the Money?

Make Up Artists – Are they Worth the Money?

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When having photographs taken, you want to get the best possible shots you can. Whether it’s for a wedding, a corporate shoot or for an album cover, it’s maybe worth considering the use of make up.

People often misconstrue the idea of using cosmetics in photo shoots for vanity reasons – we’ve all seen the news and the negative publicity that airbrushing gets. But really the use of make up is purely to assist the camera.

In the same way lights are used to highlight the face and features, make up is used to compliment it.

Make Up in Photo Shoots

The way women put make up on for everyday wear is actually very different to what a make up artist would put on for a photo shoot. To be honest you would probably look at the model at first and think she was wearing far too much, but in front of lights and a lens, her face is transformed.

Make Up Artist Techniques

When a make up artist selects colours, it’s not always to compliment clothing, it’s to make that person’s eye colour stand out or to change the shape of their face with highlights and shaded contouring.  And let’s not forget, make up is not just limited to women – just ask Steel Panther or Mötley Crüe!

So, Make Up Artists – Are they Worth the Money?

To answer this question, it’s obviously cheaper simply to make the most of what you already have, but equally, if you want a professional look to your images, sometimes only a make up artist will do. They have the tools, knowledge and experience to make your model look and feel their best, and that’s exactly what a photographer wants in order to capture the best shots.

Make Up Artists also know how to compliment skin tones, how to balance colour pigmentations and how to diffuse light so the shot can come out flawless first time.  It’s about getting the shot right without needing hours of retouching in Photoshop – saving time and money… and who doesn’t want to do that in this day and age?


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