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Marketing in your car podcast

Marketing in your car podcast

Marketing in your car

Ok, I confess, I’m not keeping the CWDmedia site as updated as I should.  Kinda embarrassing given my day job’s website is kept constantly up to date without too much trouble!  Encouragingly though, the neglect of the CWDmedia site is principally down to being busy tackling a string of really cool commissions for a mix of new and existing clients.

The reason I decided to pen this blog, however, is to share a podcast I’ve been listening to a lot of recently by a chap across the pond called Russell Brunson.  If you can get past the awfully cheesy but annoyingly catchy jingle, the 200+ episodes of his Marketing in your Car podcast is full of really great content that’s as applicable to business owners and entrepreneurs as it is to sales and marketing folk.

Find it here: