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How to Get Your Model to Act Naturally

How to Get Your Model to Act Naturally

It can feel a little awkward for clients standing in front of a camera posing, particularly if they’re not used to it.  And especially when the photographer is not someone they know.  But after doing numerous shoots for various projects (from wedding shots, to live performances and business profiles) you tend to pick up a few tips along the way to get your model to act naturally in front of that lens.

Talk to Your Client

This might seem like an obvious one but it really will help make everyone feel at ease. Chat over the phone before the shoot and do a little pre-snap pep talk. By doing that, you will not only show them that you care about being on the same page as them – you both want a quality outcome, right? – but also that you want it to be a comfortable experience for all involved. Instant stress relief for you and your client.

Have a Laugh!

It sounds a bit weird but there is nothing more calming than being able to have a laugh when you’re working. Make the shoot as fun as possible!  Chat as you take photos about things they care about and you will see the real model begin to shine through.  Natural smiles and laughter always look the best in photos after all.

Encourage Comfort

Ask your client to wear something that they feel good in. If they feel uncomfortable then they will certainly look that way too.  Relaxation is the key to great results.


Some poses can be really uncomfortable for clients to hold, so always be open to trying new postures.  For example, if it’s a dance style shoot and they are struggling to hold that perfectly pointed leg, take your shots quickly and then move on to other ideas.

Give Encouragement

Show off a few of your photos so far to show them they look great and definitely tell them when a shot has really hit the mark – it’s an instant confidence boost!


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