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The Kaleidoscope Plus Group Ambassador Pack by CWDmedia

Taking stock after a hectic few months at CWDmedia

Well haven’t things been busy?  So busy, in fact, that I’ve struggled to find time to keep the CWDmedia site updated periodically, which is of course what Google likes when it indexes your site for its search engine results. It has been a pleasure working with regular clients including Xtreme Fitness, Farmer Phil’s Festival, Sweetcheeks…
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Photography: Positioning and the Rule of Thirds

When taking photographs we are all aware that there are tricks for getting great shots. Pointing and shooting works for some people but the majority of us are looking for something better than that. That’s where the rules of positioning comes in. But although we call them ‘rules’, they’re not strict, they are guidelines to…
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How to Get Your Model to Act Naturally

It can feel a little awkward for clients standing in front of a camera posing, particularly if they’re not used to it.  And especially when the photographer is not someone they know.  But after doing numerous shoots for various projects (from wedding shots, to live performances and business profiles) you tend to pick up a…
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Welcome to the new look CWDmedia

As the saying goes, “New Year, New You”.  Well, in addition to mentally committing to get fitter, eat cleaner and rid myself of my bad habits, I thought I’d give the CWDmedia site something of a makeover ahead of what I hope will be a busy year on the freelancing front. Besides the facelift, you…
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Paper daisy photography & Beauty by Sweet Cheeks

Make Up Artists – Are they Worth the Money?

When having photographs taken, you want to get the best possible shots you can. Whether it’s for a wedding, a corporate shoot or for an album cover, it’s maybe worth considering the use of make up. People often misconstrue the idea of using cosmetics in photo shoots for vanity reasons – we’ve all seen the…
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