The Kaleidoscope Plus Group Ambassador Pack by CWDmedia

CWDmedia takes stock following busy year with new clients

The end of another year approaches, and what a busy year it has been!  So busy, in fact, that I’ve struggled to find time to keep the CWDmedia site updated periodically, which is of course what Google likes when it indexes your site for its search engine results.

It has been a pleasure working with regular clients including Xtreme Fitness, Farmer Phil’s Festival, Sweetcheeks Beauty Boutique and more, while it was great to welcome on board a number of new clients across a diverse number of industries:

The Kaleidoscope Plus Group

The Kaleidoscope Plus Group Gala Ball 2018West Bromwich-based charity The Kaleidoscope Plus Group has been promoting positive mental health and wellbeing in the Midlands and further afield for over 45 years.  #TeamKPG engaged CWDmedia to work on a number of projects in 2018, including key publications (corporate & ambassador brochures, annual report and more), fundraising toolkits and social media support.  The latter involved me providing photography services at several fundraising events across the West Midlands.  I even got involved in the fundraising myself, raising over £1,500 for the charity by shaving off my beloved beard – a feat which got special mention at #TeamKPG’s Annual Gala Ball, for which CWDmedia was a sponsor.

Double Vision Mobile Bars

Shropshire-based Double Vision Mobile Bars provides quality mobile bars, hog roasts and candy carts for all manner of functions across the county.  They engaged CWDmedia to redesign its company website, the anticipated launch of which is in early 2019.

Jordan Red

As mentioned in my previous update, Jordan Red is an exciting new band whose founding member Dan Baker is a long time client of CWDmedia.  I was engaged to develop their initial logo ideas into a finished article and create their official website which launched in December 2018, with expansion phases anticipated in 2019.

Rosie O’Sullivan

Rosie O'Sullivan 'The Nashville Sessions' EPBirmingham singer Rosie O’Sullivan first rose to prominence when she wowed the judges on Britain’s Got Talent with her soulful voice, prompting David Walliams to say “I just want to hear you sing all night” and Simon Cowell to comment “Absolutely bloody fantastic!”  CWDmedia first worked with Rosie to design artwork for her 2017 release ‘Tempo’ and the subsequent digital single ‘Time’.

This year Rosie engaged CWDmedia to provide art direction for her new double EP ‘The Nashville Sessions’ and supporting digital single ‘Help Me Make It Through The Night’, both of which were showcased during a promotional tour to Nashville itself.

Inar Group

The newest client to join the CWDmedia roster is Stafford-based Inar Group – an engineering and software programming business with an exciting new project set for launch in 2019.  CWDmedia has been engaged to design Inar Group’s corporate website, also set for a 2019 launch.

So in summary, there’s lots going on and some exciting things planned for 2019 already.  I can always do more, however – if you have a requirement for anything design-related, I can probably help.  Get in touch and let’s get to work – happy New Year to you all!

Jordan Red uses CWDmedia

Jordan Red selects CWDmedia for brand direction

I’ve had to sit on this update for quite a while but am delighted to now be in a position to announce that exciting new rock band Jordan Red has selected CWDmedia to design its logo and website ahead of the group’s official launch in December 2018.

The band, comprising founder members Dan Baker and Dan Leigh, has spent much of the past year demoing material with internationally renowned producer Romesh Dodangoda – respected for his work with Bullet For My Valentine, Bring Me The Horizon and previous CWDmedia clients Martyr de Mona – at the helm.

Their sound is best described as a combination of big, hook-laden choruses and crushing riffs, and has been recorded with the help of session musicians Conor O’Keefe and Dave Fee, themselves of rising band As Lions.

The perfect fit for the Jordan red website and logo

Throughout the design project, CWDmedia worked closely with the band to ensure its clear brand vision was ultimately realised.  It was the latest in a number of projects CWDmedia has delivered for Dan Baker – including his personal website and cover artwork for previous band Nya – and renewing the previously effective working relationship made a lot of sense.

“After working with CWDmedia on several projects in the past I knew that they would be the perfect fit for the Jordan Red website and logo,” said Dan, “Steve really went the extra mile during the creative process to ensure everything worked as required with the new website and logo design.  He was readily available to implement changes to the design until we were 100% happy with how everything worked and looked – I look forward to working with CWDmedia on more projects in the future!”

You’ll find Jordan Red all over social media – visit to find out more.

Do you require logo or web design services?  Maybe CWDmedia can help – get in touch for an informal chat about your project!

Folklore Tattoo Studio, Tamworth

Folklore selects CWDmedia for new website

I’m very pleased to announce that CWDmedia has been commissioned by Folklore Tattoo Studio to re-design its company website.

The studio, based in Tamworth, Staffordshire, is home to tattoo artist/owner Marie Cox and fellow tattooists Adam McDermott & Daniel Flower, both of whom have seen their profiles grow nationally in recent years thanks to their distinctive styles and the bespoke nature of their designs – they never tattoo the same design twice.

While the three of them are the resident artists at Folklore Tattoo Studio, they also host guest tattooists from all over the UK and further afield, and it’s this variety alongside their popular styles that has led the studio to enjoy growing success since opening in January 2013.

The new Folklore Tattoo Studio website will be an evolution of the existing site, complete with a logical restructure and expansion of content to maximise organic SEO performance while placing a greater influence on imagery to reflect the creativity of the studio’s artists.  The site will also integrate with social media to facilitate more cohesive cross-platform marketing.

“I was looking for a design partner who could provide not just the initial web design expertise but additional ongoing support as required as we look to take Folklore Tattoo Studio and the profiles of its tattoo artists to the next level,” said Marie, “CWDmedia came highly recommended – the quality of its portfolio stood out and I’m looking forward to working with Steve on this exciting project!”

The new website is set for launch in the autumn.  In the meantime, visit for more information and to book an appointment!


Website design from CWDmedia

Website design from CWDmedia

I was daydreaming while eating my lunch today.  It occurred to me that, traditionally, most of my commissions have been for graphic design work.  Good old fashioned printed media, be it leaflets, posters, business cards, brochures or other stationery.  But over the past couple of years I’ve definitely seen an increase in the number of enquiries I receive for copywriting, and an even larger increase in the number of requests for website design.

Now, while I promote both on this website, I’ve probably been too busy to update this site to truly reflect my capabilities when it comes to either – particularly website design.  For instance, at the time of writing this, there is no portfolio page showcasing the sites I’ve designed.  I’m definitely going to get on top of that.  More and more clients are asking me to re-imagine their website or create their first one from scratch.  It’s something I really enjoy, and because of my experience in marketing, I love being able to offer a consultative service to clients in these situations.

Your most important sales tool

Your website communicates to the outside world who you are, what you do and why you do it.  It’s available 24/7, and many marketers consider it the single most important item in their marketing toolkit.  When I build a website for a client, I spend time with them going through a needs analysis to really understand what the website needs to achieve, how it should look in terms of colour scheme and typeface, and what functionality is required.

Depending on whether you require me to write copy for the website or not, the whole process of building the site from start to finish can take just a couple of weeks.  And remember, because I’m a freelancer working evenings and weekends, my overheads are low, which means so are my prices!

I’d love to discuss your future website design project with you.  Here’s a handful of CWDmedia-designed websites to give you a flavour of what I can do:

Merry Christmas from CWDmedia!

Yuletide update


I thought I’d bring you up to speed, what with it being a couple of months since my last update.  Things have been a little quieter in CWDmedia Towers of late, but there’s a very good reason for this – I’ve been busying myself with the final preparations for my wedding, followed by the big day itself and a breathtaking (albeit over far too quickly) honeymoon in Abu Dhabi at the quite spectacular Dusit Thani hotel.  My wife and I even managed a trip into Dubai to go to the top of the Burj Khalifa – the tallest building in the world, and quite an achievement for a guy who is NOT good with heights!

Mr & Mrs Steven BraundSo with all that madness to look forward to, I eased off on chasing new work in the run-up to the main event, save for a couple of longer term projects I’ve been beavering away at before and after the wedding celebrations.  One of these is a brand new website for an extremely talented London-based copywriter colleague of mine by the name of Ed Palmer, whose site Keep. This. Copy. will soon online and generating new business.

I’ve also been helping a newly-formed building inspectorate firm with their new website’s art direction and am looking forward to seeing this come to fruition in the New Year.

But the message is this: I’m here, I’m ready to work and waiting for your enquiry – I’ve designed everything from logos to van livery, annual reports to websites and exhibition stands, and there’s no job too big or small.  As a freelancer, I don’t have the same overheads as many of my design agency counterparts, and thus can provide high quality work at prices that fit within your budget.

I’m looking forward to working with you in the New Year.  In the meantime, have a CWDelightful Christmas!


Steve Braund and Farmer Phil

What a weekend at Farmer Phil’s Festival!

Well that was some weekend!  As the dust starts to settle in the sleepy folds of the Shropshire countryside, a couple of thousand live music enthusiasts (myself included) are reflecting on a terrific weekend at Farmer Phil's Festival.  I can honestly say that's the first time I've ever seen a field full of people jumping up and down, generally going bananas to a song called 'Portaloo'!

Sadly I only made it to the final day of this year's event, arriving only to find that I'd missed all the action, including Farmer Phil himself arriving on site on Saturday by paragliding in from the Long Mynd (this after turning his ankle on Friday night) and then upping the ante by flying in on Sunday by gyrocopter, narrowly avoiding the electricity lines overhead!

I did arrive in time to watch a triumphant set from The Bar Steward Sons of Val Doonican which was every bit as bizarre as it was entertaining and funny, while "Rock n' Roll's Greatest Failure" Jon Otway was just plain bizarre for the most part and as for Lost the Plot, well their name is delightfully apt but what good fun they were too.

What struck me the most, though, was the terrific atmosphere throughout the festival site.  Everybody relaxing, enjoying the weather, the surroundings and the wide variety of live music on offer, not to mention the excellent cuisine laid on by a plethora of vendors.

I felt immensely proud on Sunday to have played a part (albeit a small one) in the success of this year's festival through the re-design of the Farmer Phil's Festival website, and I'm looking forward to bringing news of next year's event as and when it's released.

Rock n' roll!


The Bar Steward Sons of Val Doonican

Top 10 Reasons your Business NEEDS a Website

Before I start, yes - I know this is 2015 and not 1995... the benefits of having a website for your business should be apparent to most people.  Amazingly, I find some companies I talk to still think a website isn't necessary for their business and that they've "managed alright without one so far".

To them, I say this: you're wrong!  There are umpteen reasons why, if you don't have a website, you NEED to get one.  And the same goes for those of you who do have a website if it's five years old or more.

Here's my top ten reasons why YOUR business NEEDS a website:

1.  24/7 coverage

When you lock up at the end of the day and head home for a well-earned rest, your website is still online showcasing your products and/or services and selling the benefits of your business to potential customers.  With more people viewing websites on the move with smartphones and tablets than ever before, it's a no-brainer!

2.  Business perception

If you look the business, think the business and act the business, people will think you're the business.  NEVER underestimate the importance of your image - nobody wants to buy from a website that looks like a five year old did it (no disrespect to five year olds!).


As much as you may like your e-mail address, you'll be taken far more seriously with an address that originates from the same domain as your website.

4. It's your online brochure

It's great having a snazzy, professionally designed brochure.  Ok, I'm bound to say that as I've designed loads of them for many different clients.  But one area your website can succeed where your brochure may struggle is in personality.  Everything from the subjects you blog about to the way you talk about your products or services and the tone of voice you use throughout.  People buy from people, and your website provides a wonderful platform to show that not only do you do great work, but you're human like the rest of us as well.  Oh, and you can update your online brochure anytime, which you can't with a printed version!

5. Downloadable content

Want to grow your mailing list?  What simpler way than to provide your visitors with useful, meaningful content?  Ask them to provide you with a few details in exchange via a simple form and hey presto - your mailing list will expand before your eyes.  And better yet, they're all opted in so it's fine to send them promotional mailshots!

6. Market reach

As soon as your website goes live, it's accessible to anyone around the world connected to the Internet.  There could be a market for your work somewhere you least expected it, and your website is your gateway to finding it... or it finding you.

7. Establish credibility

Similar to point (2).  A well-structured and beautifully designed website, coupled with quality, meaningful content will define you as an authority in your field and result in business coming to you, reducing the amount of time you need to go out and find it.  Post enough useful content and you can even influence the market(s) you operate in!

8. Promote your offline presence

Even if you don't sell your products or services online, you can bet your last fiver that people will still be searching for them online.  Think about it - if you're looking for a plumber, do you still reach for the Yellow Pages?  Of course you don't - you probably go straight to Google like the rest of us.  A website is essential for picking up that business, even if someone is just looking for a number in order to give you a call.

9. Good customer service

Tired of answering the same questions from different customers all the time?  A Frequently Asked Questions section enables you to provide this information up front, putting your customers in a position where they're ready to make an informed purchase.  You can provide loads of information on all kinds of topics, all of which will reduce your customer service costs too - bonus!

10. Press releases/news

We live in an instant world.  When I was growing up, I was told "today's news is tomorrow's fish and chips paper".  These days, today's news is today's fish and chip paper... or at least it would be, if it wasn't for more and more people consuming their news online.  Take advantage of this and publish your latest business news on your website.  Circulate it to local, regional, national and industry press and let it drive the traffic back to you... then just wait for the phone to ring!

As I said at the start of this piece, there are many many reasons why you NEED your own website and those listed above are just a small selection.  If you don't have a website for your business yet, my question to you is: why wait?


Get a website quote today!

If you'd like me to design a website for you, get in touch and let's get started!
Farmer Phil's Music Festival

Farmer Phil’s Music Festival chooses CWDmedia for website revamp

I’m delighted to announce that CWDmedia has been engaged to redesign the website of a popular music festival in Shropshire.

Farmer Phil’s Music Festival, held in Ratlinghope near Shrewsbury, is now in its 17th year and each year plays host to an eclectic mix of acts from jazz and folk to rock and everything in between.  This year’s event (14-16 August) sees the legendary R&B quartet Dr Feelgood headline on the Friday night, with many more artists yet to be announced.

We’ve been a fan of CWDmedia’s work for a while and when the opportunity presented itself to revamp our website getting in touch with Steve was the obvious choice,” said Farmer Phil (real name Philip Harding), “The Festival welcomes around 2,000 fans every year and the new website will provide them with the very latest news regarding line-ups, ticket information and much much more.”

The new website will appear over at once complete.