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Website design from CWDmedia

Website design from CWDmedia

Website design from CWDmedia

I was daydreaming while eating my lunch today.  It occurred to me that, traditionally, most of my commissions have been for graphic design work.  Good old fashioned printed media, be it leaflets, posters, business cards, brochures or other stationery.  But over the past couple of years I’ve definitely seen an increase in the number of enquiries I receive for copywriting, and an even larger increase in the number of requests for website design.

Now, while I promote both on this website, I’ve probably been too busy to update this site to truly reflect my capabilities when it comes to either – particularly website design.  For instance, at the time of writing this, there is no portfolio page showcasing the sites I’ve designed.  I’m definitely going to get on top of that.  More and more clients are asking me to re-imagine their website or create their first one from scratch.  It’s something I really enjoy, and because of my experience in marketing, I love being able to offer a consultative service to clients in these situations.

Your most important sales tool

Your website communicates to the outside world who you are, what you do and why you do it.  It’s available 24/7, and many marketers consider it the single most important item in their marketing toolkit.  When I build a website for a client, I spend time with them going through a needs analysis to really understand what the website needs to achieve, how it should look in terms of colour scheme and typeface, and what functionality is required.

Depending on whether you require me to write copy for the website or not, the whole process of building the site from start to finish can take just a couple of weeks.  And remember, because I’m a freelancer working evenings and weekends, my overheads are low, which means so are my prices!

I’d love to discuss your future website design project with you.  Here’s a handful of CWDmedia-designed websites to give you a flavour of what I can do: